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Help us make a difference

We aim to be self-sufficient. We don’t receive funding, take donations or grants, but we do rely on people believing and supporting us.

There are various ways to join the Eggs & Bread community

Helping run the mornings

Can spare a few mornings a week between 7 and 12? We need staff to make sure people are welcome and looked after. Although staff are paid the main reason they join us is a belief that everyone deserves a good start to the day. Interested? Get in touch

Leave a contribution

We aim to provide a truly welcoming place to start your day, no matter what your situation. Although we don’t charge for anything in the mornings, some people want to leave a contribution, so we’ve left a little discreet contribution box on the shelf above where you leave your washing up.

Use our app

We’ve created an app, where each day you can read an opinion article from a guest writer, play a few games that will test your mind and take part in our weekly photo challenge. So give your brain cells a good start to the day and download the app – for just £2 a month.

Come to an event

We will be rolling out events in the evening to support our morning breakfasts. We aim for them to be fun, social and great value for money. The first is our weekly Supper Club, every Tuesday we serve up a three course meal, with prosecco and wine, all for £24. Find out more.

Tell people about us

We want as many people to know that there’s always somewhere for them to go to get a good start to the day, and you to help us! By following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, sharing our posts and with word of mouth you can help us spread the news.

Get involved

We would love for you to become an engaged member of our growing community. So don’t stand on the side looking in, get involved. Read and comment on the Daily opinion, enter the weekly photo competition and then encourage your friends and family to vote for you.